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Top Mistakes you should avoid in your USA green card application

With every year that passes by, more than a million persons are on the hunt for a green card in America. For most people, the USA green card application is one of the first stages you have to follow if you wish to get US citizenship. However, many people have found that their USA green card application is often marred with mistakes and issues. Greencardorganization thus provides you with the top mistakes which you should avoid when filing your USA green card application;

Missing Form

To submit a green card application, you would need to submit a host of forms. These forms could range from about seven forms upwards to 12. Thus, the possibility of losing one of these forms is very high. It is important to take great care in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. In the event that you misplace a particular form in your USA green card application, the consequences can be disastrous. The potential amount of money which you stand to lose is about $500.

You should also make sure that all the translations which you would need are submitted with your documents. Most of the documents which you would have to attach to your application would include marriage certificates, visas and so much more


Another top mistake which people make is forgetting to sign on their application. Without an authentic signature, any application which you make to the USCIS is a waste. In fact, you stand the chances of losing up to $100. If you are jittery about the green card process, Greencardorganization is ready to help you with all the filing process. Our in-depth understanding of green card application would allow us to complete your process effectively

Government Charges

Another mistake which most people make is paying for the wrong government fee. Make sure that you follow all the instructions which are given to you through the USCIS form. Any mistake in this category has the ability to delay your USA green card for at least two months. In the worst case scenario, this delay might even last up to four months.

Anxious about getting your green card application done just right? You can count on us here at Greencardorganization. We are professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your green card application. With this in mind, we offer our customers only the best.


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