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US Visa Lottery Program

All you need to know about the US Visa Lottery Program

In the year 1990, the immigration act created the Diversity Visa or DV program that has changed the lives of countless immigrants that wish to wave the flag of the United States of America. This visa lottery program (also known as green card lottery) gives numerous immigrants an opportunity to win a Green Card at an appointed time in a year. In other words, the visa lottery program gives them the go-ahead to reside and conduct business within the borders of the United States of America.

The US is renowned for being a land of opportunities both for her citizens and the numerous visitors that leave their own countries to conduct business with her citizens. There is no denying it, the US is one of the best places to settle and build a family in the world. For this reason, many immigrants look up to the US visa lottery program to give them access to this wellspring of unlimited opportunities.  However, many fail to pass the test/interviews required to obtain this green card.


Why many fail the green card interview

The US Visa lottery program is designed to permit only individuals that are eligible and have been vetted by the right authorities through a series of interviews. The vetting process is long and the candidate is required to provide correct answers to a few questions amid the interview. Furthermore, candidates are required to provide legal evidence with regards to their marital status, residential status, financial status, legal issues as well as immigration history.

In spite of the fact that this visa lottery program is long, tiring and a little complex, candidates can apply on their own. However, many candidates undermine the importance of committing this task to the hands of experienced experts, that have in-depth knowledge about all you need to excel in the visa lottery program. When you enroll for the visa lottery program, there are a few preparatory steps you have to take to guarantee your success. You need to be kept up-to-date on what to expect from the visa lottery program. For instance, you need to prepare yourself for the interview and have certain documents on the ready for your interview. You can easily mix-up details and forget important information when you handle it on your own. For optimal results, you need to follow the guidelines of the best of the best – The Greencardorganization (


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