Top expired green card penalties you should avoid

In the United States, it is very easy to forget when your green card would expire. However, by, it is important that your green card remains valid at all times. While no one would generally stop you from staying in the US if your green card has expired, there are several green card penalties which you might face if it has expired. These green card penalties should be avoided if possible in order to save from the stress it brings. Here are some green card penalties.


Availability of Jobs

An expired green card can come back to haunt you when you are applying for a job. If you have just started a job, you would no doubt be aware that you might have to fill a form labeled Form I-9. The focus of this form is to make sure that your identity is verifiable and you are duly permitted to work and live in the US. If you are with a green card that has already expired, you might end up being rejected for the job. Surely, you would not like to find yourself in this situation!



Another place where green card penalties would come back to haunt you would be when you intend to get a license for a particular profession. Depending on the state which you are living in, you might be required to produce a valid green card. Failure to do this would like to see you lose the license.  Some professions which would likely ask you for a green card would include law, healthcare and so many more.



When traveling out of the country and back, having a green card that has expired would really be a bad move. Majority of airlines would be very reluctant to give you a seat on their airline if your green card has already expired. One reason for this is that the United States has authorized that every airline should be completely satisfied with documents that prove that the person lives in the US as a permanent residence.

Green card penalties may not be easy to spot. However, the biggest of all is the fee which you might have to pay if your card expires. That fee currently stands at $540. Greencardorganization is always willing to help you with any issue you have concerning expired green cards. We are always at your service.


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