Requirements to apply for Green Card

So, you have won the visa lottery and, you need to apply for a green card; but then you ask yourself, what are the requirements to apply for a green card? Look no further, we are here and at your service. Applying for a green card does not have to be as tedious as it would ordinarily be without having any extra services to help you out and this is why we are available.


Being well practiced and knowledgeable in the US immigration policies, we know exactly what is required and how it is required to meet immigration rules, regulations, and standards. We know just what you need and just how you need to be presented.


Despite the fact that this process is supposedly easy to handle on your own, are you really willing to risk making any mistakes which may result in an automatic disqualification from for a year? I think not. You would not also want to have the wrong or incomplete requirements to apply for a green card and this is why you need our services.


You may have all the necessary documentation but, knowing how to present these documents are a critical part of the requirements to apply for a green card and, this is something that we know about and we are ready to help you with.  Apart from documentation, another of the requirements to apply for a green card is your status. Yes, your eligibility status. It is important, and you would also need to know how to check for this.


Yet another aspect in terms of the requirements to apply for a green card is knowing how to fill out the necessary forms. As simple as form filing may seem, one piece of wrong information even in the right place can be very critical to your application process. We understand all of this and we know exactly just how to go about them in accordance with the US immigration laws, rules, regulations, and policies. We also have a team of seasoned consultants on hand and ready to answer any questions you may have and, to clear up any form of confusion that may creep up.


We understand just how tactical and precise this process needs to be and instead of simply shooting in the dark, allow us to use our wealth of knowledge and expertise to make this process seamless for you.


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