Green Card Permanent Resident

Being a Green Card Permanent Resident gives you the opportunity to enjoy statutory benefits in the US. Green Card Permanent Residents are immigrants under the Immigration and Nationality Act, with rights, privileges, and benefits to living permanently in the United States.


As a permanent resident with proof of a Green Card, there are several benefits that you are entitled to. As a Green Card Permanent Resident, you have the right to live and work in the US. You can also stand as a sponsor for your close relatives to be a Green Card Permanent Resident like you.


Eligibility and Application for Green Card Permanent Residency

For you to be eligible to process your application to be a Green Card Permanent Resident, you need to meet some eligibility status and requirements. The United States immigration law gives room for people to be a Green Card Permanent Resident in several ways. The eligibility requirements depend on the immigrant category in which you apply. Individuals looking to be a green permanent resident can apply under the following categories;


A skilled job offers: a person looking to gain permanent residency in the US can do so through a job offer. This is one of the good ways to get to live, work, and enjoy various benefits and facilities in the US. When you have a job offer, the wait time is usually less, and you can get assistance from us to ensure that you apply rightly for your submission to be approved.


Marriage: you can become a Green Card Permanent Resident on marriage grounds. A green card allows you to live with your spouse who is a citizen of the US or a green card holder. Applying for a green card on marriage ground requires you to establish your marriage relationship and attend the green card interview. With the right and necessary documents, this process of application shouldn’t cause you any stress.


Making a large investment? If you have a business idea to benefit the economy, this puts you up to earn a good chance of becoming a Green Card Permanent Resident.


Winning a Green Card lottery: this is a random selection for people of certain countries to get a green card or permanent resident. When you get selected as a green card lottery winner, you need to beware of the scam. We can always help you and put you through on obtaining your Green Card lottery.

You don’t need to go through the process alone, we are readily available to guide and put you through on the right way to go.


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