Become eligible to apply for a green card with Green Card Organization

To apply for a green card, the first step is to find out about your eligibility and the type of green card category you will be authorized to file for. Green Card Organization offers professional legal immigration consultation services to help guide on your eligibility status in applying for a green card.

Categories under which you could be eligible to apply for a green card with the Green Card Organization.

Eligibility through family

You can become eligible to apply for a green card through sponsorship from an immediate family member who is a US citizen. You should be related to the US citizen as

  1. Legal spouse
  2. Child
  3. Parent
  4. Fiancé or fiancée
  5. Widow or widower
  6. An abused child, spouse or parent of a US citizen

Secondly, you can be eligible to apply for a green card as a legal spouse or unmarried children of a US green card holder.

If you are not sure of your family base category, you can request for the service of the team of immigration experts of Green Card Organization.

Eligibility through employment

Green Card OrganizationYou can apply for a green card through employment as an immigrant worker with special abilities in science, education, business, etc. or as a professor or researcher, an immigrant worker seeking for an advanced degree training in the US or seeking for a national interest waiver. You can also be eligible to apply for a green card as a professional, a skilled worker or professional who requires an advanced training of a minimum of 2 years.

Immigrant investors who are actively undergoing the process of investing at least $1 million in a US-based commercial enterprise can also be eligible.

Eligibility as a special immigrant

You can be eligible for a green card application as a special immigrant if you are:

  • A religious worker coming to work in a non-profit organization
  • Special immigrant juvenile
  • An Afghanistan or Iraq national
  • An international broadcaster coming to work in the US
  • If you are an employee of an international organization

If you are applying as a special immigrant, our team of immigration experts at the Green Card Organization are available to provide you all information regarding your immigration process.

Eligibility through refugee or asylum

As an asylee or refugee, your residence permit will expire after a year and therefore are eligible to apply for a green card.

Eligibility through human trafficking and crime abuse victims

You are eligible to apply for a green card if you currently hold a T nonimmigrant visa or a U nonimmigrant visa

Eligibility through other categories

Green Card OrganizationOther eligible categories may include:

  • You hold a diversity immigrant visa
  • A native or citizen of Cuban
  • If you are a Lautenberg parolee
  • If you are an Indochinese parolee
  • If you are an American India but born in Canada
  • Born in the US to a US foreign Diplomat

Choose any of the eligibility categories and let Green Card Organization guide you from the application stage and through to a successful biometric interview.



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