Green Card Lottery

An amazing activity that is carried out yearly by the American government, is the green card lottery that takes place each year. The green card lottery which was previously referred to as the diversity immigrant visa program is a United States government lottery program for randomly receiving a U.S permanent resident card. Each year, towards the end of the year, the United States creates an amazing opportunity for thousands of foreigners who wish to live and work in the to come and do so. Naturally, this is seen as an amazing opportunity presented to foreigners by the United States government, however, it has also been stipulated that it merely aids to justify the tight immigration measures of the U.S.  Notwithstanding the politics, the green card lottery is open to an amazingly high number of people, which is an overall credible thing. However, the United States does oust out some group of people, as there are certain people who cannot apply for the lottery. These certain people are those who are citizens of non-eligible countries for the green card lottery. The U.S releases a list of eligible and ineligible countries each year and there are often changes each year. The changes are based on the United States goal to bring people who are citizens of countries that are not properly represented in the U.S.

With the amazing opportunity that is presented by winning the green card lottery, you can see that it will be highly sought after by numerous amount of people. However, the fact that it is highly sought after has shown that it has certain difficulties, associated with various aspects of the lottery. One such issue is found when registering for the lottery. There is little information provided on green card lottery registration, and this leads to a whole lot of mistakes and ultimately not winning the lottery. To rectify this fact, this article will highlight certain information on green card lottery registration.

Tips on Green Card Lottery Registration.

When it comes to registering for the green card lottery, the first thing to note is that the only way to apply and register is online. Furthermore, you apply online at the Department of States web site. Also, you should note that there are no charges or fees when registering for the lottery, It is completely free. Furthermore, the online form that is used for registration is known as the Electronic Diversity visa entry form or as form DS-5501. Also, when registering, you should note that the form is not downloadable nor can it be filled out, as paper entries are not accepted by the Department of State. You should also note that if you do not fill your entry form completely when registering or during the registration period, your application will be disqualified. Also, if you make more than one application with your name, it will be disqualified, so be careful not to make a mistake.

Apart from the above information, other things to note when registering are questions you will be asked. To this, questions you will likely face during registration are simple questions ranging from your name to the highest level of education you received. However, to increase your chances of success, it is advised you seek the help of a well to do company who offer these services.


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