Diversity Immigration Visa Lottery, everything you need to know

Every year thousands of people from all worldwide try to get into the United States. Some through illegal means, while many others make use of the various visa application lotteries and schemes. To this effect, the government of the United States created the Diversity Immigration Visa Lottery program.

Immigration laws were enacted to cover the diversity immigration visa lottery. The Immigration and Nationality Act, in its Section 203(c) provides for a group of persons called diversity immigrants. These are the people whose country of origin have over time been observed to have a very little percentage of their population immigrating to the United States. These diversity immigration visas are distributed equally among 6 geographic regions. The visas are given in such a manner that no single country gets more than 7% of the total lottery slots allotted that year. The diversity program for immigrants is administered by the US Department of State ensures that every year, the 50,000 slots are equally distributed. This it does by randomly selecting the applicants directly from all these countries with low immigrant rates.

Successful applicants are most of the time resident outside the US, and upon the approval of their visa, come into the US through consular processing. Then, such an immigrant will be granted an immigration visa upon arrival.

Applying for a DV Lottery

Every year, the US Department of state publishes the mode for which interested candidates can apply for their diversity visa lottery. Which are inclusive of the specified timeframe for registration. They also state guidelines and rules applicants are to be guided by in the course of their registration. The department allows a maximum of one entry per applicant. Failure to go by these guidelines would mean disqualification of such an application.

After passing through this stage successfully, candidates are to print out their confirmation number from the confirmation screen. This has to be kept carefully, as this is the only way applicants can check the status of their application.

Take note that applicants have no hand in ensuring their selection. Also, applicants who made entries for the 2019 DV program are to check their entry status between May 15, 2018, and September 30, 2019.

Once your diversity visa application is successful, you can reside and work in the United States without restriction. Although such an immigrant is not classified as a citizen under US laws, he is guaranteed equal rights as a citizen, and can after 5 years of continuous residency, apply for citizenship.

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