Apply for Green Card through the Family

One thing that has to be the center of the Green Card program is ensuring that family members are not separated. This means that you can apply for a green card if you have a loved one, be it a spouse or parent, that has a green card.

Those nuclear family members of the person with the green card can be said to be eligible for one too. What does this mean?

Have a loved one that currently has a Green Card? Talk to us today and let us help apply for a green card for you. There are currently different categories for those that are eligible to apply for a green card.

You are expected to wait for about a year before you can be availed with the Green card.



For those that are married to owners of Green Card, they are in luck, as they can easily apply for a green card. A lot of persons feel only those married to US citizens can easily apply for a green card and get it. That’s far from the truth. If your spouse is a Permanent resident or Green Card holder, your chances of getting the Green cars is very high.

This may leave you wondering if there is really any need to get expert advice or support from a US Visa Consulting firm. One thing that should be noted is that according to American immigration law, there are some restrictions to this, and if not done well, you may end up not getting the Green Card.

If you are married, especially same-sex marriage, you should be married under the Law of the country to be able to apply for Green Card.


Kids Younger Than 21

A child whose parent has a Green Card can apply for a green card too, as long the kid is below the age of 21 and isn’t married. For those kids that are below 21, they can easily gain access to the country, when compared to one that is above 21. This is made possible because they belong to the Second Preference Category.

Not minding this, there are still restrictions that can increase the waiting period after applying for a Green Card.

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